3 Ways to Cut Clutter on a Budget!

Here are a few ideas that members of our staff use to organize in their own homes by using items that you have around the house or something you can purchase at your local Dollar Store!

Storage idea 2 picLadies! Are your bathroom counters ridden with various makeup and brushes? Here’s an easy way to organize without spending a large amount of money on trays and dividers! Grab a cutlery tray from the Dollar Store and put it in one of your bathroom drawers. You can use this to store your makeup and brushes, even your Q-Tips and cotton balls! This trick works great for your office too! Put the tray in your desk drawer and use it to store your pens, pencils and other office items.


With your makeup put away let’s turn our attention to the loose cords from your hairstyling tools, I use this one at home!make up 3

By using a simple toilet paper rol
l you can get those cords up off the floor or counter and have a tidy beauty space! I’ve used paint to decorate mine but you can use anything you’d like including fabric or ribbons. Get creative! You can use this tip in many areas of your home to keep your cords from becoming entangled including your garage and kitchen!IMAG0274IMAG02751

While we’re in the kitchen, go green by reusing your plastic grocery bags! Here’s a tip to store them conveniently and out of the way. Use an empty tissue box for easy storage and retrieval. If you want to get creative decorate your box. You can put your box under the sink so it’s out of the way or in your pantry.Kleenex Boxes DIY

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Let us know with a comment if you try them or have other great ways you organize your home on a budget.