A Boxy Love Story: Part I

One day in the land of Medicine Hat Storage, Porsche Boxer the manager, was having an uneventful day until she got a visit from a wonderful gentleman. Here’s his story.


“Hi, my name is Lou Stubbing,” he said, “I’m looking to rent a storage unit here at Medicine Hat Storage for my household items. My house is much too big for me so I’ve decided to sell my home and move into a smaller place.”


“Not a problem!” said Porsche, “We have two spaces available right now and they are both the same size, they are 10 ft. by 10 ft. would this size work for you?”


“Sure would!” said Lou. After going through the contract, Lou finished it off by crossing his “T’s” and dotting his “I”.


“I can’t wait to move in!” said Lou as he was walking out of the office to put his new lock on his unit K70.

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