A Boxy Love Story : Part II

LaceyEnterLCS1When we last left Porsche Boxer she had just met Lou Stubbing. Read on and see who she meets today!

Porsche“Good afternoon Lacey! How have you been?”

“Hi Porsche, I’ve been so busy! I found out that I have quite a bit more stuff than I had thought and need a bigger unit,” said Lacey as she laughed, “I’m thinking about the size of a 10 X 10, I’m going to stay with a friend until I find a new place since my house has sold”.

“You’re in luck! We have one 10X10 unit left, and congratulations on your house selling” said Porsche, “Let’s get you transferred!”

laceytransfer“Thank you!” Lacey said happily.

Lacey was relieved to find space for her items; it had been so stressful since the day the realtor phoned her.

Porsche and Lacey went over the transfer form, Porsche made sure to confirm all the details and the location of her new unit K71. Lacey finished by paying her additional fee, signing her name and leaving with a smile on her face to tackle her task of transferring her items.LaceyandUnit

Watch for Part III coming soon!