A Boxy Love Story: Part III

Part 3

coffeepotWhen we last left Porsche Boxer she had met Lou Stubbing and transferred Lacey Lonely to a new unit. What will happen next?

“Ugh! Why won’t this day just end?” Lacey exclaimed. Her day had started off badly, she woke up late, her coffee grounds fell into the pot and on top of it all her box just broke. Today was just not her day.brokenbox
Lou couldn’t help but notice the beautiful woman, whom he had seen many times around the lot before, and the box of things strewn all over the lot.
“Hi, would you like some help?” Lou said kindly.”Help would be great,” said Lacey grateful “my name is Lacey, Lacey Lonely.”

“Lou Stubbing,” he said “it’s very nice to meet you.”

As Lou helped clean up her things and move the remainder of her boxes into the unit beside his, he really wanted to ask her on a date.

“Um, Lacey, are you busy after this?” he managed to get out despite his nerves.

“Not at all” she said smiling.

datenightaskheroutWould you like to go on a date?” stammered Lou, his nerves still getting to him.

“I would love to” Lacey said with her face brightening.

Lou and Lacey finished loading up the boxes in her new unit and went out together. They laughed and talked about all the things in their life, their likes and dislikes. It felt to both of them that they had known each other for years. Lacey and Lou made another date for the following week.