A Boxy Love Story: Part IV

Lou and Lacey have been on their date let’s check in on our sweet couple.

diamondshoppingIt had been almost a year since their first date; Lou still couldn’t believe it all started with a broken box. Lacey was still just as beautiful. He had been thinking for some time he wanted to ask her to marry him but was nervous she might say no. You know what they say; you have to go all in!

Lou spent the day looking for that perfect ring. He decided he was going to ask her tonight, they were going wine tasting then he planned to take her back to where it all started.

Later on that evening…

“You look gorgeous!” said Lou when he seen Lacey.

“Thank you,” she said blushing.

winetastingThey made their way to Chateau Wines. As they tasted the new selection of wines they had put out, they laughed and talked about the past year. Lacey turned to grab their final wine tasting glasses; they sipped out of them laughing about how flushed Lacey’s face was the day he first met her.

After finishing their wine, they made their way back to Lacombe Storage reminiscing of the dates they’d been on and activities they had done together. Lacey was confused when they arrived so Lou explained to her that he wanted to take a stroll down memory lane. They walked for some time. When they approached their old units Lou stopped. Lacey turned and he grabbed her hand.

proposal“All of this talk of the past and present has made me sure of what I’d like in my future. Lacey, I love you. Will you marry me?” Lou managed to say tearfully.

Come back for season 2 to find out what Lacey’s answer will be!