All My Best Moves Involve Stretch Wrap

Want to know a secret to taking some of the stress out of moving?  Plastic wrap! Plastic wrap (also known as stretch wrap) is one moving supply that you shouldn’t skip. It’s a great way to protect your furniture from scratches and scuffs. Also, use it for wrapping things that are hard-to-pack like rugs, furniture, and bed rails. And, because there is no adhesive on plastic wrap there is no sticky residue left on your furniture. Here are some other stretch wrap tips from our moving experts.

The trick to using stretch wrap is to be generous with its use. A single layer of plastic wrap isn’t effective. But three or four continuous layers of wrap seals things shut and offers protection from the bumping and jostling that can damage your belongings during a move. Here are some other stretch wrap moving hacks from our moving experts.

  1. Stop packing things that are in drawers. Keep everything in the drawer. Wrap with three generous rounds of plastic. This seals off the tops of drawers and gives you an instant moving box. No packing or unpacking required!
  2. Do you have furniture with cabinet doors, like an armoire or china cabinet? Wrapping doors shut will save on dings and scratches.
  3. Cut down on tripping hazards by wrapping appliance cords securely to the appliance.
  4. Use stretch wrap to bundle together related items like bed rails and the assembly bolts. Before you do this, take a picture or two of how everything goes together. Having a picture to refer to saves set up time.
  5. Stretch wrap over all the connecting cables for your electronics. Before you unplug everything, take another quick picture so you know where everything plugs back in.
  6. For this last tip, I prefer Press and Seal to stretch wrap. To keep jewellry from being tangled. Tear a large strip of Press and Seal and lay in on a counter or table sticky side up. Organize your jewellery on it then place a second sheet of Press and Seal over top. Press down around the individual pieces of jewellery to seal each piece in its place. You can then roll up and store this jewellery pack without having a tangled mess greet you on the other side of your move.

Can you think of some other stretch wrap hacks for moving? Sorry, you can’t stretch wrap the kids. Share your ideas with others who are on the move by responding to this blog.

Where can you get professional grade stretch wrap? Call Lacombe Storage and we’ll help you get things wrapped up.

Tamara Traub