Christmas Storage Hacks

It seems as though Christmas has only just arrived, but here we are thinking of ways to organize your decorations as you put them away.

Of course, our first answer would be to send it to us for safe keeping. But we know not everyone can do that, so we are happy to share some holiday storage hacks we use in our own homes.

The most economical way to safely store decorations is to use one of our box inserts. These inserts are specially designed to keep things safe and tidy whether you are storing delicate heirloom Christmas decorations or your kitchen glass wear.

You can also, repurpose Kleenex boxes to hold garland. This works especially well with tinsel garland. Storing it inside a Kleenex box helps keep the garland from tangling with itself and other decorations.

If you have an artificial tree, once it’s stripped of its glam and glitter, recycle a couple of old belts to use as cinches on the tree to make it more manageable and take up less storage space.

Brent and Sue from Lacombe, cut down of the time it takes to trim the tree by wrapping the tree with saran wrap and gently place it back under the stairs, lights and all.

Ron and Nadine from our Medicine Hat office photograph the decorated parts of their home before they take down the Christmas decorations (inside and out). They walk around and take a photo of each room (or location). Print these photos and pack them with each locations decoration in a plastic tub(s). Next year there is no wondering how you had placed the decorations the previous year.

Tamara at our head office recycles cardboard box lids and wraps light strings around them. 

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