DIY Projects to Maximize Bathroom Space

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house and can be the most cluttered. Here are a few organization tips to maximize your storage.

  1. Mason Jar Organizer. If you have kids or even pets, you know that whatever is on the counter is fair game. Get those hair accessories, makeup brushes, Q-Tips, cotton balls and more up and off the counter. This easy DIY project is a neat way to store those items.

    mason jar bathroom storage
    Source: Pinterest
  2. Magnetic Makeup Board. Ever walked into the bathroom and your 3-year-old has done their makeup? Move your makeup where kids can’t reach while creating a chic storage board.

    Source: Laura Thoughts
    Source: LauraThoughts
  3. Rolling Bathroom Storage. This idea is portable and makes cleaning easy! Make your own bathroom storage organizer with castors, more details here:
  4. Under the Sink Organization. Ever notice that the pipes under the bathroom sink are always in the wrong spot! Here is a simple and inexpensive DIY organization process for the clutter under the sink:
  5. Bath Toy Organization. The kid’s bath time usually means toys everywhere. Store them easily with this inexpensive organization technique.

    Source: TheInspiredHome
  6. Shower Gels & Lotions. Don’t you hate it when you knock over all the containers in the shower? Name clips on silver binder rings make great hangers for shower gels or creams. You should be able to find these at your local Dollar Store.

    Shower gels on hooks
    Source: Pinterest
  7. Toilet Paper Rolls. Storing your toilet paper rolls in a magazine holder keeps them together and up off the ground.

    magazine holder for toilet paper
    Source: Pinterest
  8. Towel Storage. Get your clean towels up off the counter by using a wine rack to create a classy towel holder next to your shower.

    Wine rack towel holder
    Source: Pinterest
  9. Towel Bar. Purchase a dual shower curtain rod and use the outside rod as a second towel bar.

    double rod towel holder
    Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

These ideas will help any busy family. Do you have a favourite storage method in your bathroom? Comment below with your idea and/or pictures! Don’t forget to check out our Junk Drawer Challenge blog for tips on organizing your drawers.

–Kayla Akerstrom & Sue Sage