Do It Yourself: Fancy Chalkboard Graphics

Have you ever wondered how restaurants have those gorgeous black boards with all the graphics on them? You can get those gorgeous fonts and graphics at home by following these simple steps!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Graphic (Your Choice; Best Printed From a Computer)
  • Mechanical PencilChalk (Any Color(s) of Your Choice)
  • Paint Brush
  • A Small Container of Water
  • Windex and Paper Towel


  1. Prime your chalkboard by coating it with your choice of chalk.
    1. Erase your board, spray it with a little bit of Windex and wipe down with a piece of paper towel.
    2. This will keep your chalkboard looking brand new! It will also remove any outlines from your previous drawingsPrimingWindexClean
  2. Print out a graphic from your computer. For easier printing I’ve used Microsoft Word.
    1. Use a larger font and/or graphic-it will make the editing easier.
    2. In the picture the font used is “Harrington” and the font size is 210.
    3. When printing out words or sayings it is best to print them in “Landscape” orientation so that you don’t cut off any letters and make it easier for yourself in the next few steps.
      1. To change the page orientations in Word go to the “Page Layout” tab at the top of the program and select “Orientation” from the “Page Setup” box. Change your orientation to “Landscape”.PrintedGraphic
  3. Flip the page over graphic side down, cover it in plenty of chalk then flip it over to see the graphic and position it where you’d like the image or font.
    1. Don’t worry about excess powder, we will fix this later.Chalk
  4. Use a mechanical pencil or regular pencil to trace over the image/font.
    1. If you have bold lettering or shading in your drawing you may have to trace and color it in depending on the kind of detail you want.Tracing
  5. After you’re done tracing remove your page, you will see outlines of the font or graphic you’ve completed.FinishedTrace
  6. Time for the fun part! Now it’s time to color in the graphics you’ve outlined with the chalks of your choice.ColorIn
  7. When you are finished you can clean up your drawing with the paint brush and water to remove all the excess chalk powder.FinishedProduct

There are so many different designs you can use, let us know which ones are your favourites, here is one of ours!!!