Event Storage

Spring heralds the season of outdoor weddings, family reunions, and festivals.  If you are planning an outdoor event you are well aware that the logistics are a little different than for indoor events. For outdoor events there is more to consider about how to get supplies to the site, keep them secure, and out of the elements. Because you can’t just lock them up in a storage room. This is where portable storage can be a real boon to event planners.

Do you dread packing, transporting and unpacking heavy items like tables? Portable storage can make packing and unpacking supplies the easiest part of the event. Storage pods can be taken anywhere and loaded with just about anything you need. Better yet, you don’t have to do any strenuous lifting up onto a truck. Storage pods sit at ground level making them easy to load and unload. And, best of all you don’t have to rent and drive the truck, or worry about getting the rental truck back on time to avoid extra charges. We will move pods wherever you need them. They are affordable and you can rent them by the week or by the month so you don’t have to rush to load and unload your supplies.

Once you have your event supplies on site you don’t have to worry about keeping them secure. Just bring a lock for the pod door, or ask us to supply a lock. Once you’ve emptied the storage pod don’t let it go to waste. Here are some ways we’ve seen pods used at events, and unlike tents you don’t have to worry about a pod leaking or getting caught by a sudden strong wind:

  • Source: Nearsay.com

    Pods make great portable offices. They can be your event or volunteer headquarters.

  • Pop up store. If you are planning on selling fan paraphernalia or promotional items a pod can help keep them out of the elements. It’s also easier to keep your wares secure during multiple day events.
  • Use them as a shelter for an ATM, a water station,
    Source: Pods.com

    or a first aid station.

  • Kid’s activity centre. Running a day camp or need to create a diversion for the under 12 crowd? Just add a camp table, some chairs and an activity and let the kids imagination do the rest.
  • Staging area or change room for people with costumes. Changing in a port-a-potty is awkward. A pod gives your talent a bit more space to change and store props.
  • Bottle recycling. No event is without beverages. You can designate a pod as a recycling center and save yourself a step by just having us make the next stop the at bottle depot.

Whatever outdoor event you are planning a storage pod can make your job a little easier. If you are a non-profit organization planning an event we’d love to help. You can have one pod for one week free. See you outside at your next event!

— Tamara Traub