Fall Home Checklist: Part One 

Fall Home Checklist: Part One


September beckons us to spend more time at home. To make things more comfortable around the home here is a checklist of things that will help you get your home ready for the chillier months ahead.

1. Set up a homework or project area. Encourage kids to get their work done with an area that is comfortable, attractive and well organized. Ideally, make a larger surface available for spreading out big or messy projects on — the dining table can work, but if you have the room, consider adding a dedicated project table.

2. Make time for breakfast. Back-to-school time often means busier mornings. Make a commitment to carve out time for a real breakfast every morning. It doesn’t have to be complicated — yogurt, granola or oatmeal with add-ins like fruit and nuts makes a hearty but quick breakfast. Science has proven that you and your kids will have a better day if it starts with breakfast.

3. Refresh your bedroom for fall. It’s time to find those flannel sheets and cozy blankets — even if you don’t need them quite yet, you will be grateful to have them at hand on that first really chilly night, whenever it comes. While you are sorting your bedding, take the time to rotate your mattress, launder your mattress pad, and reach all of those under-the-bed dust bunnies.homeview

4. Put some fall-blooming plants on the porch.Sweep away summer sand and dirt, and set out a few pots of chrysanthemums or other late-summer plants in gorgeous fall hues. It’s an affordable way to give your porch a quick fall makeover.