Fall Home Checklist: Part Two

Fall Home Checklist: Part Two


September beckons us to spend more time at home. To make things more comfortable around the home here is part two of our checklist of things that will help you get your home ready for the chillier months ahead.

 5. Check Outdoor Lighting. With nightfall arriving earlier make sure to check the porch lights to see if they need new bulbs or if the fixtures need cleaning. If the type of light fixture makes it hard to access the bulb consider changing to LED bulbs and you will never have to worry about changing these bulbs again.

6. Clean and organize. Spring cleaning gets all the attention, but fall is another natural time to get your house in shape. Vacuum and mop floors, spot clean rugs and wipe surfaces throughout the house. As you clean, set things aside to give away — aim to free up about a third of the space on shelves and in closets.

7. Remove window A/C units. Remember to drain them and clean or change the filters before storing them for next year. Keep any hardware in a labeled plastic bag taped to the unit.

8. Hang heavier window treatments. More than a style statement, thicker window coverings can help your home retain heat — slashing energy bills. If you use blinds during the year, layer curtains on top. If you have light cotton curtains, trade them for thicker drapes.

9. Add weather stripping. Stopping drafts around windows and doors can be as simple as adding lengths of inexpensive weather stripping. If you used some last year or earlier, check its condition and replace as needed.

windowrepair10. Seal gaps where mice could enter.Speaking of critters, take a close look around the exterior of your home and cover any and all gaps you find (even tiny ones!) so mice cannot get in. A heavy-duty screen or hardware cloth works well to cover exterior vents, and door sweeps attached at the bottom of doors will prevent furry critters from squeezing in.