Feeling Overwhelmed While You Work At Home?

Feeling overwhelmed while you work at home? Getting organized can help you take back some control and get clear on what work tasks should take priority. Not all of us have Marie Kondo’s instinct for organization, so where should you start?

  • First, find a separate space in you home for your home office. If you have no space choose a corner in the living room or take over the dining room. If you are considering making a work space in your bedroom, I recommend getting a room divider of some sort to separate the work area from the sleep area. Seeing your place of work while you are trying to wind down and trying to sleep is not good for you psychologically.


  • Next is the work top. If you have space for, and can afford a desk that’s great. If you can’t afford a desk, make one. It can be as simple as a board resting on a couple of 2 drawer style filing cabinets or two end tables. You can get finished boards at your local hardware stores, in the closet and organizer section, for a relatively low cost. Some building supply stores also have uncut counter tops, these are a little more expensive, but they are great for improving home office décor.


  • Stay sane — don’t use the floor as your in box! For working papers, find something for an in-box. This can be a basket or space in a filing drawer. If these are not an option, get some file boxes. You also need a trash can and a place for recycling. File boxes can also work for this office equipment, but label them as Trash and Recycling with a marker.
  • For your safety and the safety of your electronics you will need to manage your power and charge cables. If you can go wireless great, if not cable management clips and a good surge protector are a worthwhile splurge to keep your home office organized.


  • Invest in a good chair. Don’t use your dining chairs or bar stools, these are not meant for sitting for long periods of time. If you have a good back keep it that way and if you don’t have a good back don’t make it worse – get a good office chair.


  • Clean your office at least once a week. If you don’t it will make it harder to relax when you have down time. Not cleaning your office before the weekend can impact some people just as much as having a hangover on Monday. One of the reasons people get so stressed out while working from home is because home offices get cluttered and people either stubbornly refuse or don’t take the time to throw things away. Take a few minutes at the end of your work week to purge your office of everything you’re no longer using.


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