Bored Teens?

Closets look like this?


Here are some crafty ways to incorporate fun into getting teens interested in being organized.

First let’s get your teens down to your recycling bins for some pop can pull tabs to make double closet hangers.


This simple idea doubles your closet space. Just place one hole of the pop can tab through the hook portion of the hanger and move it down to the bottom of the hook. Then place another hanger hook into the other hole of the pop can tab. Place back in the closet with paired up blouses, sweaters, or your desired outfit. How easy is that?! This simple device uses closet space more efficiently.

These cute closet dividers will help save time getting ready in the morning because you can find the clothes you want quickly. This organization technique also helps you see new outfits with clothes you already have.


Here’s how to make closet dividers. First, get some craft foam. I chose precut shapes from the local craft store, but you can cut out your own shapes if you prefer. Next, get a bottle cap and place it in the middle of the shape and trace it out with a felt pen.


Then, take a scissors and cut a slit from the outside edge of the shape straight to the traced circle. Cut out the circle.


Your last step is to label the dividers: blouses, dresses, jeans, sweaters etc. Now get things sorted out in your closet, it’s amazing how many forgotten items are in there!


Okay, things are starting to come together! Now let’s work on those accessories.

This DIY clothes organizer will tame that tangle of necklaces, belts, and scarfs. It’s super simple. All you need to do is drill a few holes into the bottom of a wooden pants hanger found at a dollar store.


Screw in some ½ inch cup hooks.


Then hang your jewelry on the hooks and use the clips for belts and/or scarfs. This accessory hanger is functional and best of all, space saving.


Once your teens have made one of these hangers, they’ll never go back to storing these items in a tangled ball on the floor! Well…. maybe 😉