How Self-Storage Can Help an Expanding Family

Is your family expanding? Space in your home becomes scarce when you are expecting a new addition to the family, or you are in a blended family situation. Ideally, it would be nice to move into a larger home, but is your budget ready for that? If it is, great! If it isn’t, self-storage could be the solution. Self-storage is a cost effective way to maximize the space in your home.

Do you have a bedroom in your home that looks like a storage locker? Maybe it’s time you put those treasures into self-storage, so you have room for the new people coming into your life. What is the cost savings of using a storage unit versus moving from a 3-bedroom home to a 4-bedroom home? On average, that extra bedroom would increase your mortgage by $200/month versus a 5×10 storage locker which averages about $65/month. Moving from a 3-bedroom home to a 4-bedroom with a garage increases your mortgage by $300/month versus a 10×10 storage unit averaging about $100/month.

What about the basement? Is it full of stuff? Renovating it could add a bedroom or two to your home. Clean out the basement by putting everything into self-storage so you can get those renovations done. This will add value to your home and make it livable for years to come.

Do you have a bedroom that could have more living space for children, if it wasn’t for that large closet? Most people want large closets, but maybe it would make more sense to shrink the closet and have more space for a bunk bed or another twin bed. But what about the stuff that’s in the closet? Find room for the every-day things like clothing with under the bed storage and wall hooks. Place seasonal items or stuff that only gets occasional in self-storage.

What about that dining room? Is it starting to look like a hoarders nest? When was the last time your family actually used it to dine? Take that clutter out of the dining room so you can have that “night in” without worrying about bumping into one another or knocking over your collection of old videos.

Self-storage is an economical way to handle a growing family, because it lets you use all the rooms in your home for living. One of the biggest benefits of self-storage is flexibility. Whether it’s storing your collectibles, having somewhere for your ever-growing mountain of sports equipment, or if your home is going through a renovation and you need us to look after your furniture, we’re here to help. Ask the storage experts at Drayton Valley Storage, Lacombe Storage and Medicine Hat Storage for ideas on how to take back your living space.

– by Tamara Traub