How Self Storage can help during a new build or a renovation

Is it time to add a little sparkle to your home? Are you planning to renovate? Homeowners usually plan to do some sort of renovations in their life time.

Doesn’t everyone dream about giving their home a fresh new look?  When it comes to renovation, we don’t talk about the stress that goes with it. We don’t talk about – the mess, people coming and going. Where are we going to put everything? Regardless of what is being redone we can help make your renovations a breeze.  Nobody ever thinks about self storage or even our Portage Storage Containers. Don’t we just throw it in the other room and figure it out later? Self-storage is a low-cost way to solve your renovation needs and keep your belongings safely out of the way.

At Lacombe Storage we have many ways to help put you at ease. For as little as $68.25 per month you can keep all your prize possessions safe and sound. Imagine if someone happens to spill paint on your newer couch. Do you have a few extra thousand dollars to replace it? Renovations are expensive enough without adding more to the cost.

If you are new to self storage there are lots of options. At Lacombe Storage, we have flexible rental plans. You can rent by the week or by the month. You can also rent a unit for a longer time and we will give you a discount for renting for 3,6 or 12 months. You never know for sure how long a renovation will take.

Not sure what size of unit to rent? At Lacombe Storage, we are experts at helping determine the size of storage unit needed. We can accommodate any size house; we can also store your belonging at your house with one of our containers. Let us help you figure out what would work best for you.

So, you can bring your belonging to the storage yard or rent a container and leave your things locked safely right outside your door. Our containers fit nicely in driveways, or we can put it back in our secure facility and bring it back to your home once renovations are done.

So, after you have called your contractor remember to give us a call. Lacombe Storage Center 403-782-1455. At Lacombe storage we want to help make your renovation go smoothly.

~ Laurie Copland – Lacombe Storage