How To Pick A Moving Company

The deal is done and you are all ready to move. But how do you hire a moving company? Call the first one in the book? Throw a dart? Rock – paper – scissors? Here are some tips that may help.

#1 – Hire Local. Anytime you can use a local company, you are hiring someone that lives in the same city as you, and has the same spirit of community. They appreciate your support and do not want to have a bad reputation where they live.

#2 – Ask for References. A reputable company will not even hesitate here. They are proud of their work and will promptly provide a list of past customers for you to phone. Take advantage of this. Ask the references questions and note their answers. Also check for online reviews for added assurance and if your items are moving to a storage facility, ensure that your moving company and storage place have worked together in the past. Movers don’t often see repeat business from house moves, so if they leave a good impression – they earned it. 

#3 – Get a Walk-Through Estimate. No legitimate moving company will give you a quote over the phone. They will insist on seeing what and how much you have to be sure that everyone is on the same page. Freezers, beds and entertainment units come in a lot of different sizes so be sure that your potential mover sees everything.

#4 – Watch out for Large Deposits. If you are asking them to drive from one city to another, the deposit may go up to cover initial fuel costs. But for a local move, 10 to 20% of the estimate should be sufficient. If the company is asking for 50 or 75% up front, ask them why.

#5 – Ask about Extra Fees. Be up front with the person doing the estimate and ask them to explain all of the charges. Do they charge extra for moving up to a second or third floor? If you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, is there a penalty and how much? Do they have to hire extra men due to the amount of furniture you have? The time to find out is now!

#6 – Is the Mover asking Questions. While preparing the estimate, your potential hire should be asking you questions. If they aren’t, well they may not be that interested. Hiring a moving company should be a two way conversation that makes you feel comfortable with their competency, and puts your mind at ease regarding the safety of your valuable furniture.

Be sure that you do your due diligence before you select a moving company. Ask everything you want answered, and answer everything they want to know. After all, you are about to trust them with everything you own. You might as well be confident in your choice.

(Thank you to Shepherd’s Moving Medicine Hat for their assistance – you can find them here!)