A Little TLC For Your Stuff – It Can Save You A Huge Headache When Packing For Your Move

When it comes to packing and moving a little TLC goes a long way to getting your belongings safely to your destination with less headache.

Consider the importance of your stuff in making you feel comfortable in your surroundings; these items deserve special thought when you are packing them. If you are doing your own packing and moving, look ahead to what you will be lifting, stacking and unpacking. People often run to the grocery or liquor store to pick up boxes, and then use newspaper for cushioning. Although this approach can save you a few dollars, in the long run, you may pay for it in stress, time and broken items.


To move your items safely think about purchasing boxes and packing paper or bubble wrap from a storage or moving company. These companies save you time by offering a one stop shop for all your packing supplies. Their boxes come in uniform small, medium and large sizes which stack easily into a moving truck or storage unit. Specialty boxes are also available for china, mirrors, framed pictures, bikes, clothing and more. Using bubble wrap or packing paper instead of newspaper is an easy one to overlook but it can save you a huge headache. Unlike newspaper, packing paper doesn’t leave ink behind on a wrapped item. Depending on the item ink may or may not come off, and who wants more things to clean during a move?

When wrapping items for packing be generous with whatever you are using for cushioning especially fragile items. People often try to cram too much into a box in an attempt to keep the number of cartons down. As good as this sounds it can backfire. Too many items with not enough cushioning means items can shift inside the box and damage each other.

When packing a box consider the weight of the box and wear-and-tear of loading and unloading the box. Packing too many items in the box will make it heavy and can result in the box breaking or someone being unable to lift the box. Heavier items like books should be packed in smaller boxes and lighter items like pillows or children’s stuffed toys can be piled into bigger boxes.

Save yourself further headache by labeling your boxes on the top and at least two sides. Labels should include contents and which room it is to go in once you arrive at the other end of your journey. When you are tired after a long day of moving this will cut down on how much thinking and searching you need to do to make yourself comfortable after a hard day’s work.

When you are packing the moving vehicle or the storage unit, the last boxes to go in should be what you will need first when unpacking. Another thing to think about when packing is if you really need or use the item. If you are moving to a smaller home or are paying rent on a storage unit pairing back possessions can save you money.