Moving Truck VS Container Rental Pros and Cons

portable container storage

To reduce the stress of moving many people hire a moving company. But, this can be expensive, and also means you have to work around the moving company’s schedule, not yours. To get around this expense and scheduling issue many people choose to rent their own moving truck. Did you know there’s another option that can be even more cost-effective and convenient? Portable storage containers offer all the advantages of a rental truck without some of the hassle. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider a portable container for your next move:

  • No Driving required. When you rent a moving truck you need to be comfortable driving a much bigger vehicle than your normal ride. If you usually drive a car this can be quite an adjustment because these bigger vehicles handle much differently – they need more space to turn and need more time to slow down and stop. Need to change lanes in traffic or back up? You will have to get use to using the side mirrors because there is no rear-view mirror in a cube van.
  • Save time. In order to rent a moving truck, you’re going to have to drive to the location of the truck rental shop to pick it up, then drive it to your home to pack it up, drive it to your new home in order to unpack and finally driving it back to the rental location. You save the time of driving back and forth and the time sitting in traffic by using portable containers. Portable containers are dropped off at your home or business. You take as much time as you need to pack. And then when you are ready it can be delivered to your new home or taken to a storage facility.
  • There’s less risk of injury. There are only so many places where you can park a moving truck. In some cases the path from your home to where your rental truck is parked may be quite a distance. This makes for more work moving larger pieces of furniture from your home to the truck. You’ll also need to move your things up a ramp, which poses an injury risk for those unexperienced with handling larger furniture. If you’re putting your things into storage, you’ll have to do even more physical labor moving everything in and out of a storage unit. With a portable storage container it can be set down closer to your home. An unloaded containers sits at ground level so there’s no need for a ramp. If you are putting your possessions into storage there is also no need to transfer your belonging to another storage unit.
  • There’s no time restraint. You rent a truck by the day and storage containers by the month. The longer you keep a rental truck, the more expensive it gets. That’s why most people try to move in a single day, if possible. This can really wear you out and even result in injury because you are trying to move things into your new home quickly. With portable storage, you can take the time and care you need to pack your things before having the container delivered to your new home. Once it’s there, you can take your time unpacking the container since you won’t be rushed to unload and avoid another daily truck rental charge.container storage

Portable storage is more convenient and can cost less. You can move on your own time, save money because you rent by the month. And, it’s less stressful and safer because you don’t have to rush. Want to find out more about portable containers talk to one of our experts at 1-866-550-2966.