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Refer a friend to rent at Lacombe Storage, get a $50 bonus!

Refer a friend to rent with Lacombe Storage and get a $50 referral bonus!

Our hassle-free storage solutions here at Lacombe Storage make storing your prized possessions easy. Share the great news with your family and friends and we’ll thank you with a referral bonus of your choice—storage credit, cash, or a donation to your favorite local charity!

Referral Bonus: Storage Credit

When your referral rents from us, you can choose to apply your $50 bonus toward your storage unit rent.

Referral Bonus: $50 (E-transfer payment)

Or you can opt to get your bonus as cash! We will send your $50 referral bonus as an e-transfer payment.

Referral Bonus: Charity

You can also choose to give back to the community and donate your referral bonus to a local charity of your choosing! When your referral signs up with us, we’ll contact you to ask for details on which charity you’d like us to send your donation.

How to get your referral bonus

Do you already have people in mind who can benefit from our storage solutions?

It’s easy to join our referral program to get your referral bonus!

  1. Send us your referrals here!
  2. Invite your friends to rent with us. Remember, every referral gets you a $50 bonus!
  3. When your referrals rent with us, we will contact you with information on how to claim your referral bonus whether it’s storage credit, cash, or a charitable donation.

Ready to spread the word?

Let your friends, family, and colleagues know Lacombe Storage offers a variety of packing and storage solutions to suit their every need! With over 40 years of combined experience in the self-storage industry, our customer service team ensures you get the best storage solution for your situation.

Visit our Rates page or our FAQs if you have any questions.

Whether you are helping a family member or a friend meet their storage needs, remember we’ll reward you with a $50.00 bonus for thinking of us.

5 Day Declutter Challenge

Research shows that our brains like order and that clutter, even the virtual kind, has a negative impact on our ability to focus and reduces our working memory. With over 40 year of experience we’re here to help make life better. 

Check out our challenge here: Declutter challenge #2

February Decluttering Challenge

Decluttering Safety

There are millions of great decluttering blogs and videos out there, but many were done before the pandemic. No matter what advice you heed, tailor it to today’s reality. When gathering and packing up items you want to get rid of during Covid-19 don’t rely on boxes from friends, grocery stores or liquor stores unless you have the opportunity to air them out for a few days. As service to our community, we offer two boxes free for you to collect up things you want to donate or give away.

To view our first 10 days click here Declutter challenge #1 (3)

Christmas Storage Hacks

It seems as though Christmas has only just arrived, but here we are thinking of ways to organize your decorations as you put them away.

Of course, our first answer would be to send it to us for safe keeping. But we know not everyone can do that, so we are happy to share some holiday storage hacks we use in our own homes. Read More

Ways You Can Support Your Local Businesses During A Pandemic

Why the pandemic means we need to support local businesses more than ever.

Everywhere we look big brands and big box stores are on display. While these large companies have the money to buy online ads or billboards it’s small businesses that most impact on our local community. And it’s small business that has been mostly impacted by the pandemic.

Small businesses color and enrich local shopping by providing unique products and services that make our local communities great places to live. No one wants to live in a neighborhood where unique local stores are replaced with For Lease signs. These small businesses also provide the lions share of employment and often employ people we know. These are our neighbors, friends, and family so it makes sense to support them, and during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that these businesses survive for the health of our communities.

Here tips on how to support local businesses: Read More

Protect Yourself – Fraudster’s Tricks and How To Avoid Them

I just received a phone call from Ontario, saying it was Servus Credit Union calling and that my SIN has been compromised and not to hang up as I would end up in JAIL!

I hung up. . .

In this day of heightened cyber crime being aware of how to protect yourself has become critical. Here are some tips to avoid falling into a fraudster’s trap.

Protect yourself

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Top 5 Mistakes When Storing Your RV

If you are new to the RV scene, welcome! We hope you had a great summer visiting all the beautiful camping spots Alberta has to offer. It’s hard to say goodbye to summer and park the RV. To help you get back on the road without delay next RV season here are some winter storage blunders to avoid: Read More

Moving During A Pandemic

Packing and moving can be difficult at the best of times, but moving during a pandemic creates a whole new set of challenges. If you have to move you and your moving company should put health and safety first. We suggest you call your moving company to discuss your options and they should help you plan as safe (and seamless) a move as possible. This may include: Read More

Rules for camping during the pandemic

Now that the weather is finally nice most of us have the itch to get our campers out, spruced up, and on the road to our favorite camping spot so we can enjoy our summer. Well this season it is looking very different thanks to Covid-19.

Provincial campsites will all remain closed until after a government assessment on June 21, 2020. However, the private camp grounds are under county discretion as long as they comply with rules set out by Alberta Health Services. Here’s what to prepare for this Covid camping season: Read More