Packing or Storing: Tips For Your Move

When you’re moving everything is so stressful and chaotic. Make the move a little easier with these helpful tips.

  1. Use uniform size boxes when possible.
    This makes boxes easier and safer to stack whether going from the vehicle into your new home or into a storage unit for safe keeping.Moving-House
  2. Label boxes on all sides and make a list of the contents.
    Labelling your boxes is a great way to remember what’s inside when unpacking. You can also move boxes directly into the new rooms of your home with little to no confusion, making your move much smoother.
  3. Use bubble wrap, Styrofoam chips, and plain newsprint to protect your breakable items. Always mark these boxes with “Fragile” for extra protection when moving things into or out of your vehicle.
    When wrapping glassware such as dishes, cups, glasses etc. wrap them individually and then wrap them in bundles of four for extra protection.
  4. Use wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes or fold them and store in your dresser drawers. Use the bottom of the wardrobe boxes to store blankets, pillows and other linens to make the box lighter and easier to move.
  5. Wrap mirrors, large framed pictures, screens or windows in cardboard and store them on an edge.
    You can order specialty boxes for your mirrors or valuable pictures by giving us a call!
  6. Use plastic mattress and sofa covers on your furniture to prevent them from dirt or moisture.

If you are storing items here are more useful tips to make your storage experience a hassle free success.

  1. Create an aisle in your unit to easily access items in the back of your unit safely. While doing this, remember to stack frequently accessed items facing the aisle or toward the front of your unit.
  2. Lift your contents off the concrete floor by using palettes or free standing shelves.
    Lifting your items off the floor will allow items to breathe and prevent moisture from wicking up from cold floors.
  3. Remember to drain your gas and oil from any motors you are storing (lawn mowers, snow blowers etc.). This protects other items and storage floors from oil spills. We suggest using protective pads or cardboard under motors to prevent any potential leaks from spreading.
  4. When storing appliances be sure to clean them first! Leave the doors slightly open on freezers, refrigerators and microwaves to prevent mildew. Deter any odours with baking soda.

We hope your move goes smoothly!