Pinterest: Thank You For Helping Us Grow!

We took to Pinterest to see what we could find for an end of the school year gift for a teacher or professor and found one that works for several occasions. Our how to instructions are below, along with the link to the original post.

Items Required:supplies

  • A flower pot, any size
  • Black and yellow acrylic paint
  • A sponge brush
  • Fine tipped paint brush
  • A flexible measuring tape
  • A silver paint pen or Sharpie marker
  • Flowers or a type of plant


  1. First, cover your work surface with newspaper for easy clean-up. Then take your sponge brush and paint the bottom section (below the rim) of the pot black. Don’t forget its saucer. You can choose to let it dry at this stage or if you’d like to continue go ahead to step two.step2step1
  2. With a new sponge brush, paint your rim and a bit of the inside yellow. You will have to let the flower pot dry after this step. We recommend 24-48 hours just to be safe.
  3. Once the pot is dry, grab your measuring tape and measure around the rim. Using a small paint brush, paint the ticks of the measuring tape around the rim and add the numbers. (Alternatively, you can use a black felt marker or Sharpie to do this task). If you do use the paint brush for this, it may be good to let it dry a couple of hours before proceeding.


4. Grab your silver paint pen and put your decorative writing on. “Thank you for helping us grow” is a great one or other text if you decide to use this for a different project.

For the finishing touches take your flower pot to the florist for the flowers or find a nice plant to accent your gift. If you’re unsure of which flowers or plant to choose or if you’ll need a lining, consult the florist they should be able to help.step4finalproduct

Source: Teacher Thank You Gift- Guyer Family Blog