Porch Pirates, Are They Real?

Porch Pirates

Keep Your Packages Safe
Pirates have always been something that appear in story books. But lately piracy has become
very real for a lot of online holiday shoppers. The name Porch Pirates sounds cute and maybe
you’re thinking of all the kiddies showing up on your doorstep at Halloween, but these are not
your neighbor’s children in costume. Porch Pirates steal packages from door steps and porches.
Sometimes these thieves will even follow a delivery vehicle and scoop the package right after
it’s been dropped on the doorstep.

As of Sept of this year, nearly one quarter of online shoppers have felt the sting of porch piracy.
The average value a stolen package is about $113.

Some shoppers that have fallen victim to Porch Piracy before have taken it upon themselves to
fight back. People are putting out boxes full of glitter, dog poo or the cat litter to “be taken.”
While we admire people’s creativity why even give thieves a chance?

Between 2010 to 2017, there was a 581% rise in reports of packages stolen off doorsteps. With
porch piracy on the rise, we’d like to offer a solution for keeping your packages safe.
Our office is insured to receive your online orders and we offer this service free of charge to
everyone on our community. It’s our way of helping you have a happy holiday season. For other Self Storage ideas and happenings check out our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/lacombestoragecenter/

How Do You Use This Free Service?
Step 1
When you are online shopping use our office address as the shipping address for your package:
Lacombe Storage: 4014 52 Avenue, Lacombe, AB T4L 2J7

Step 2
Call our office and let us know your name, your phone number and when the package is
Lacombe: 403-782-1455

Step 3
When the package arrives, our office will text you a pic of the package, text back an day and
time when you can pick it up.
Need to keep the package away from prying eyes? No problem, we can hold the package until
you need it. Just let us know how long you need us to hold it. (Please keep in mind our holiday

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