Portable Storage: Make Construction & Renovations Easier

Its feels like winter has been here forever, but spring is just around the corner! With the warm weather, we get the itch to start renovation projects. Sometimes it’s just a coat of paint, or you may have an entire room to renovate!

The economic down turn in Alberta means purchasing a new home isn’t in most people’s budget. So, we are seeing a lot more families moving into lower cost “Fixer-uppers”. The average cost of renovating a bathroom in Alberta, according to Homestars, is $14,145. (https://blog.homestars.com/average-bathroom-renovation-prices-across-canada/) While this might seem like a lot of money, when you consider the cost of purchasing and moving to a new home, renovations are a cheap alternative. You can keep the cost of renovations down by doing the work yourself and using facilities like Reuse.

If you have a project where will you store all your belongings? Many homeowners will store their Items in their garage or basement to keep the budget down. But, by doing so you are losing living space, or your parking spot. Have you thought about a Portable Storage POD? Portable Storage is relatively low cost and extremely convenient! PODs can be delivered quickly and can be conveniently placed within reach of your home. We have also provided Portable Storage to contractors and subcontractors as a means to conveniently store tools and building supplies right on the jobsite.

Whether you decide to hire a contractor or do the renovations yourself, give portable storage some thought. Storing your belongings out of the construction zone can save you some heartache and frustration.

Ashley Strauss