Seller’s Remorse

Kids, grandma is moving in. It will be so great to have her living here.
Jill speaking to husband – John: What are we going to do with all of mom’s belongings? It won’t fit in the house and she has so much.
John speaking to Mother-in-law – Ethel: Why don’t we have a garage sale before you move. Jill and I can help, and of course Cathy and Cindy being teenagers can also help. This will teach them how to negotiate.
Cindy: Grandma this is such a lovely full- length mirror, I wish I could have it for my room. And this 50’s kitchen table is back in style. Annnd I love this settee. Oh! Grandma I wish I could have some of your furniture. I now know how I want to furnish my first apartment.
Ethel: I know Cindy, there is not enough room for all my things and I just want to spend my retirement with you not my possessions.
Fast forward 2 years – Cindy: Cathy your apartment is gorgeous. Do you have any furniture yet?
Cathy: Cindy, I wish I had grandma’s old furniture. It would look so perfect here. Too bad we sold it. The 50’s kitchen table would look so perfect with the bar stools I have. The couch would have fit perfectly, and the mirror would have been perfect at the end of this long hallway.
It didn’t have to be seller’s remorse. Grandma’s items would have fit nicely in a 10 x 20 unit. She can still enjoy her retirement with her family while her possessions stay in the family. The furniture for the girl’s apartments would still be there when they needed it. And, think of the savings. The last time I bought new furniture for my house I spent over $10,000.00. Two years rent for a 10 x 20 storage unit would only cost $3,657.12.

~ Roberta Gordica