Should I Store My Stuff or My Car in the Garage?

Well the answer to that depends on your needs and what you consider a priority. Here in North America we have grown accustomed to storing various items in the garage instead of using it for its intended purpose. With the cost of maintaining a vehicle rising more and more every year you may want to reconsider your priorities for storage!

Let’s be honest; when’s the last time you wore those pleated acid wash jeans? Or how about that lion costume from you’re your son was in the school play 15 years ago? Now is a great time to sort through all of your belongings and decide if the 100 yards of broken Christmas lights is worth salvaging or if you’d like to make more space for your vehicle to be stored over the cold months to come.

With winter rapidly approaching we always take the time to winterize our boats, campers, furnaces and even our cars, but why do we neglect the one room in the house that could make winter a bit more bearable? According to 92% of homeowners surveyed described their home as somewhat or very organized, one fourth of them admitted embarrassment with the garage and nearly one third said they keep their garage door shut so others won’t see the mess.

There are some cases where purging just isn’t an option. If you are storing family heirlooms, or antiques it’s understandable that this takes priority over a vehicle; but have you given any thought to self-storage? Most Items do not require a heated space to preserve their original state and if it is something that concerns you, a climate controlled unit is an option. See our Blog on “Heated Storage” for more information on what does, and does not need to climate control. Self-Storage is a great alternative to storing in your much needed garage, especially if the items are not being regularly used.

So the next time you are scraping ice off your car in minus 30 weather with the snow blowing like crazy, look around your garage and decide if you think it is truly worth storing all of your belongings in.

Ashley Strauss