Small Storage Solutions: Are They For You?

Okay, you’ve tapped into your “storage genius” and organized every closet, nook and cranny in your home. You’ve pared down and decluttered all you can bare. So, what options are left if you still need to create a little breathing room in your home?

People often take decluttering to the next level with a self-storage unit. But what if a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit is more than you need? At Storage Group Alberta, we have the means to help you store a little for less! We’re not just talking about storage units but actual smaller storage solutions.

If you are just looking to store a box of possessions like say the holiday decorations, a Christmas tree, golf clubs or skis. Storage Group Alberta will store single items at a very low cost. Some of our storage locations will even pick up boxed items from your home or office.

How it works: Pack your items away in one of our ecofriendly totes or your own box (provided the box is in good condition and can be clearly marked). You can also purchase boxes from us including specialty boxes for everything from mirrors to items golf clubs, pedal bikes or skis.

Once you’ve packed your box bring it to a Storage Group Alberta location or call to see if pickup services are available.

We seal your boxes with tamper proof tape to ensure your items are safe, then storage staff will place your boxes in our monitored warehouse that only storage staff can access.

Storage Solutions: Small storage solutions start at $8/month for file or tote boxes.

  1. File Storage: Store your important files securely. Bring your own file box or purchase one from us.
  2. Tote Storage: This type of storage is great for your summer/winter clothing changes, family photo albums, smaller sports gear or smaller items you don’t have room for.
  3. Christmas Decorations and Tree: You can store your Christmas ornaments, lights and garland in our tote storage. We’ll store your boxed Christmas tree for $60/year.
  4. Winter & Summer Tires: When it’s cooling down or warming up one thing is certain, it’s time to change those tires. Store a set of 4 tires at our facility using our small storage!
  5. Skis or Snowboards: We will store these for you no problem! For the year its only $35 includes box.
  6. Golf Clubs: Get these tucked away until you need them for $35/year includes box.
  7. Pedal Bikes: $60/year includes box.

When it’s time to get your possessions out of storage call us and arrange to pick them up or see if the location offers drop off services.

Don’t want your stored items anymore? Donate to charity right from the warehouse. After some time separated from your personal effects, you might find that you no longer need or want certain items in storage. You can save time by donating directly from storage. Simply call us and indicate which items should be donated and the customer service team will handle the rest.

For our locations that offer pickup and delivery service, call staff and indicate when you will be available for them to stop by.

Tamara Traub & Kayla Akerstrom