Sprucing Up Your Man-Cave

According to Wikipedia, a Man Cave is “a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement”.

A man cave doesn’t have to bring thoughts of dark, smelly, t.v. watching, feet up types of space. Many men put such effort into their space, filling it with ideas that would make others drool.

Pictured here is the ultimate man cave.  Plenty of time and heart have gone into this space and it shows. Built for the 2 year old trapped inside every man, there are lots of reasons to hangout in this space.  

Originally starting as a 2 door garage and work shop, it quickly became a little area to hang out in with a little bar off to the side.  Soon the cars were moved into a different space to make this more of an activity space.

With room for a pool table, a poker table and plenty of collectibles it is easy to see why family and friends want to hang out here. A laptop stationed at the bar, streams videos in time to the music on an overhead big screen.

Along one wall is a shelf that houses more high end Hot Wheels® and collectible cars. More than most kids will ever have.

Items along the walls have come from as far away as Cuba and Jamaica. The bar and booths came out of a 1950’s cafe in Lethbridge.

Taking advantage of the loft area over the bar, a sleeping space allows party goers to crash and stay safe after a night of fun. The need to drive home at the end of the night has been taken away. Even the pets have a place to sleep in this man cave. There’s a little Disney “Cars” themed pet bed tucked into a corner.

Tell or show us your ultimate man-cave looks like in the comments below!

Sue Sage