Storage Size Guide

Self-Storage was developed to help people and businesses who are going through a transition. Whether you are moving, downsizing or expanding here is how to pick the right size storage space.

5×10 Unit (50 sq. ft.)

For Residential Use: This size is ideal for storing the contents of a dorm room or bachelor apartment, including a number of boxes, small mattress set, chairs and a bookshelf. This size is also great for storing seasonal sporting equipment, bicycles or even a motorcycle. For Businesses and Community Organizations: this is a good size for storing things you don’t need on a regular basis like older files, spare office furniture or seasonal items. A storage space this size can hold about 80 file boxes and still give you a little room to maneuver. 

10×10 Unit (100 sq. ft.)

For Residential Use: Ideal for storing the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. It’s perfect for holding an entertainment center, full sized mattresses, larger appliances, dining room furniture, and other various items. For Businesses: A storage space this size can be a cost-effective way of expanding your office. Adapt the storage space in your place of business to create more work space and use a self- storage unit for files and inventory. Or, use it as an overflow area for those times when supply is higher than demand.

10×15 Unit (150 sq. ft.)

For Residential Use: Perfect for holding the contents of a 3-bedroom home. This size can accommodate larger furniture like a sectional or king sized mattress set. For Businesses: This is a good choice for trades people storing equipment or supplies that are only used occasionally.

10×20 Unit (200 sq. ft.)

For Residential Use: This is the size of a small garage and is ideal for cars and other vehicles. This size is also a good choice if you are packing up a 3 to 4-bedroom house. For Businesses: An ideal size for businesses needing a small warehouse space or a trades person with equipment like quads and ride on mowers.

10×30 Unit (300 sq. ft.)

For Residential Use: This sized is great for storing the contents of a large home or acreage. For Businesses: This is a great alternative to renting an expensive commercial bay or if your business has outgrown a 200 sq. ft warehouse space.

What ever changes are happening in your life self-storage can help with the transition. If your storage needs change you can move to a bigger or smaller storage unit without taking a big hit to the wallet. And, once you’ve worked out the kinks in your current situation if you don’t need the storage unit you are free to go. Still not sure what size storage space you need? Give us a call and one of our storage consultants will help you determine exactly how much space you need.