Televisions and Storage

Can I store my TV? A burning question for all of us technology lovers, we don’t want to get it home and it doesn’t work. In order to clear up this confusion, we’ve contacted the major electronics companies regarding storage for their LED, LCD, and Plasma television screens.

Fuzzy TVNote: These are the ranges of the brands if you’d like a specific model information please contact them directly as it may vary. It is greatly recommended from all companies to acclimate your television after taking it out of storage. This means letting the television warm up to room temperature for 24 hours before plugging it in and using it.


  • Samsung Canada: After speaking to a rep at Samsung he noted that their LED, LCD, Plasma and Smart TV screens should be stored between 10°C and 40°C.
  • Sony: The representative at Sony recommended a temperature of 0°C to 40°C for the storage of their TVs.
  • Toshiba: For Toshiba TVs the rep suggested a range of 0°C to 35°C for safe storage.
  • LG Canada: They could not give us a range. However, you can visit their website to download the manual for the specific model number. This will tell you what the safe temperature of storage is.

So, what is our suggestion? If you’re going to store your television be sure to do so in heated storage, ensure it’s taken to a friend’s place or your new home first.