What is LOVE?

When we say we LOVE our customers, what do we consider LOVE to be?

LOVE is making that same cup of hot chocolate every month to a gentleman who beams beyond belief when his beverage is made for him with a left over candy cane in there for his “minty” taste. He pays his bill and grabs a candy from the desk top for the road. As he walks out the door with the biggest smile on his face, always repeating “I will see you next month girls, you are always so kind to me”, anyone can see he LOVES the little bit of attention and care. What did it cost? What did he get out of it? For us, it’s that tiny bit of pride that he left feeling the way he did.

One office has an older gentleman who is going through quite the medical challenge, he calls on his way in to make his payment to see if they would mind meeting him at his car. Of course they will!! He will show up, wait for her to get to the car and they have the longest chats just the two of them. He LOVES knowing that she will go out of her way just a little in order to make things more comfortable for him. They both go about their day knowing that the little extra LOVE is going a long way in a hard and uncomfortable day.

Did a little bit of LOVE for us leave with the lady who so desperately needed a storage unit that she had walked into every possible rental facility she could find and put herself on a waiting list? She walked into one of our offices and pleaded for a space for her son. She wanted a spot that was undergoing a minor repair at that time, but the maintenance manager drove her up to the spot in question, walked her around and said if she still wanted it he would have it ready by the end of the day. She was nearly in tears by her return to the office and mentioned the lack of concern where she had just come from. She claimed she LOVED our maintenance manager. She left happy and we hope a little more LOVED.

Then there is the office where our manager has young adults of her own coming and going, popping in to say hi now and then. One morning they stop by for a cold pop “mom” always has ready. As they are chatting, she hears a customer drive up, and she tells her kids to scram. They leave saying “okay LOVE you, see you later.” She replies “LOVE you too, have a good day.” The gentleman coming in is a new tenant of hers, he smiles as they pass each other and asks, “Oh, so is that how I leave the office when I come to pay from now on?” She tells him, “yes, it’s the new thing, you must state your LOVE for me and I will do the same for you in return.” Ten or so minutes later after signing a new contract, and having a little chat, he turns to leave, and nearly has the door closed when he stops, steps back in and says to her, “oh ya….LOVE you!” She replies, “Oh yes I LOVE you too, have a good day and drive safe.” He left laughing saying that’s the best feel good conversation he had been involved in with anyone in a long time.

Maybe LOVE can be just the knowing that someone else is there, that it’s okay to show concern for someone you hardly know. Perhaps that little expression can change a spoiled day to a positive one.

Stop in and say hello, as we at Lacombe, Medicine Hat and Drayton Valley Storage would LOVE to hear from you!