Does your business have too much paperwork? Is it taking up office space that could be put to better use? With regulations requiring businesses hold on to their records for up to 10 years, that’s a lot of paper! So, where do you put it?

Consider self-storage for your documents. Here are some reasons why storing paperwork can help your business.

Saving Money and Improving Revenue

Who doesn’t love the idea of saving money and making your business function better? When you use self-storage for your paperwork it can give your business space for other things that will bring in money.  Maybe its more space for that new display.  Maybe it gives you space for a few new employees. Or, maybe you want to downsize your store or office altogether. It doesn’t matter what the reason, self storage space is cheaper than commercial office space.

Extra Space and Organization

If the paperwork has been piling up for years and you are looking to get everything organized, self storage can help.  Put older permanent files in a storage unit.  A tidy well-organized business is welcoming to customers because it looks professional and prepared for whatever the clients needs.

Another reason a business would want to keep their paperwork in self storage is confidentiality and safekeeping. While you know and trust the employees who work with you, there may be others who come into your space regularly that you don’t know. Off-site storage can help ensure confidential documents stay confidential. Storing files off-site can also help in the case of disasters. If your business is hit by fire or flooding having resources elsewhere can help get you back up and running. Using self-storage can help you focus on what matters for your business.