This is my first summer with Lacombe storage. Our storage lot has about 116 spots for the RV’S to park.
The weather hasn’t been the greatest but we all need a holiday. I have to admit the first time I saw an RV go out I wondered where it was going.

I would sit at my desk and day dream about what adventure it was taking this family on. Were they going someplace that had water. Could be cold but still fun. Did they know of someplace hot that wasn’t too far?  I guess lucky them to find that place.

This became a habit. Every time an RV left the lot my imagination would go into overtime. Another adventure and another time a family gets to enjoy some time together. After a little while I thought maybe it was time to find out where these RV’s were going.
The next time a client came in, that I knew had an RV, I would ask them where they were going.

The first answer I got was Gull Lake. Also being new to Central Alberta I had to look it up. I knew it was close to Lacombe but that was about all. So, after work I would check out the websites to see what Gull lake was like. Looks like there is lots to do and really a beautiful place. I also found out that there are a lot of camping areas around Lacombe. So exciting for people.

So as more and more people came in that was a question I would ask.

One client came in and explained she needed to get away but didn’t really have the time. The kids were driving her crazy and had a job she needed to be close to. I asked her what she did and she told me that they found a campground close and that had cell phone reception. If she needed to get to work, she was only about an hour away. More great family time.

One gentleman liked to go to Pepper Lake. Again, I had to Google it. It’s a nice secluded lake that you can go to all year round. I knew this as he told me that he went there to quad and later to ice fish. So exciting.

I was told that if you really wanted to fish Buck Lake was the place to go. I have heard of Buck Lake. Once again, I looked it up and they are known for their fishing. Looks beautiful with lots of trees. Just what I like.  I have to say that maybe my day dreams might have been a little different but to them it was what they loved to do.

I might not have an RV but maybe my adventure will be to take a picnic to some of the campgrounds around central Alberta.

~Laurie Copland